September 26, 2023

Nutritional Outlook Quotes Claudia Lewis on New FTC Health Products Compliance Guidance

1 min

On September 26, 2023, Claudia Lewis was quoted in Nutritional Outlook on important changes to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Health Products Compliance Guidance for natural products brands to be aware of.

“The 2022 guidance expands beyond dietary supplements to all manner of health products,” said Lewis. “This includes cosmetics, food, OTC drugs, and some medical devices. The new guidance also updates several topics related to how claims are substantiated, the adequacy of clinical studies and interpretation of study results, and consumer testimonials and expert endorsements.”

“The new guidance dictates that advertisements must be truthful and not misleading and must be substantiated by competent and reliable scientific evidence,” Lewis added.

To ensure their marketing remains compliant with the new guidance, Lewis suggested that “supplement brands perform a review of product claims, prioritized based on product revenue, to ensure each claim is supported by CARSE.”

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