November 19, 2023

HBW Insight Quotes Claudia Lewis on New Limits on Weight Loss and Body Building Supplements

2 min

On November 19, 2023, Claudia Lewis was quoted in HBW Insight on the New York legislature’s move to limit minors’ access to supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs labeled for weight loss and body building. According to the article, the restrictions were put in place to target the problem of young consumers with eating disorders but may not be very impactful.

“In my view, I feel like it was a mental health issue. The New York legislature didn't see it the same way, they feel like this will impact and protect their constituents in New York. I would imagine that we will continue to see other products sort of similarly looked at,” said Lewis.

“I don't know any of my clients that are targeting their weight loss products towards kids under the age of 18. And I feel the same way about the bodybuilding products, that they're not really intended for those who are not of adult age,” she added, addressing another flaw in the argument for age limits.

The article also suggested that other states may follow in New York’s footsteps. Lewis explained, “I think that there are already other states that are looking at not necessarily age limitations, but other ways in questions about ingredient safety that touched on dietary supplements.”

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