December 20, 2023

Venable Underscores Its Commitment to Disability Inclusion Through New Diversity Lab Partnership

1 min

Venable is pleased to announce that it is one of 90 law firms that are taking action to increase disability inclusion by partnering with Diversity Lab. The firm has committed to take at least one of the actions that Diversity Lab outlined in its recently launched Disability Inclusion Commitments to continue building a culture of inclusion for people with disabilities at Venable. 

The list includes actions such as “establish[ing] a disability employee resource group,” and “conduct[ing] an annual survey for lawyers and business.” These steps are two of 10 actions outlined in Diversity Lab’s Disability Inclusion Commitments that law firms can draw on to improve disability inclusion.

Diversity Lab developed its Disability Inclusion Commitments list of actions to increase inclusion and create access to more opportunities for disabled individuals in the legal field. The organization, known for its highly regarded Mansfield Certification, designs and measures talent practices that are poised to increase access to advancement opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. Diversity Lab advocates for greater diversity in leadership in the legal industry, which can leverage its influence to benefit employees at all levels.

More information about the Disability Inclusion Commitments list can be found on Diversity Lab’s webpage here.