April 23, 2024

Industry Week Quotes Marcella Ballard on Measures to Prevent IP Infringement

1 min

On April 23, 2024, Industry Week quoted Marcella Ballard about the impacts of counterfeiting and other forms of intellectual property infringement. According to the article, counterfeits and IP infringement are problems affecting nearly every part of the world, with implications for consumers and for businesses.

Industry leaders are exploring solutions by deploying advanced technology and by enacting legislation, including the INFORM Consumers Act and SHOP SAFE Act.

Ballard told Industry Week that the SHOP SAFE Act’s requirement for sellers to provide valid identification in order to sell on e-commerce platforms “is not onerous and would go far in preventing repeat offenders and so–called whack-a-mole approaches to the enforcement by brand owners against the proliferation of harmful counterfeit products that are being rampantly sold anonymously online.”

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