May 26, 2004

Understanding & Implementing the New Overtime Regulations

This event has already occurred.
NEW LOCATION: Wyndham Baltimore -- Inner Harbor
Baltimore, MD
On April 20, The United States Department of Labor introduced sweeping new rules governing the payment of overtime for employees.  As a result, virtually every employer is being confronted with the need to reevaluate some of their most basic payroll practices.   

With this in mind, Venable's Labor and Employment Group is hosting a special breakfast briefing entitled "Understanding & Implementing the New Overtime Regulations."  Venable attorneys will discuss how the old regulations have been changed and how the new regulations will affect your workplace. 

Important issues to be discussed include:

  • How do the new rules change the exemptions for "executive," "administrative," and "professional" employees?        
  • What does the new "position of responsibility" test mean and to whom will it apply?
  • What has happened to the "pay docking" rule and the salary test for exempt status?