December 04, 2007

THE CREDIT CRUNCH: How to Not Only Survive, But Prosper

This event has already occurred.
Harvard Club of New York,
35 West 44th Street
New York

More than ever, during these difficult times, companies, must be aware of ongoing compliance and market challenges. At the same time, these challenges can provide opportunities to those who know how to find and take advantage of them. How companies respond to these challenges will separate those that flourish and those that fail.

Our multidisciplinary group of moderators, including investment bankers, investors, lobbyists, and financial, banking, regulatory, litigation, and employment lawyers, will provide the broad knowledge base necessary for companies to place themselves in the best position to succeed.

I. Legislative and Regulatory Updates:

Be ahead of the cure and understand how new legislation will affect the industry

  • Recently passed lending laws and regulations
  • Proposed lending laws and legislation under consideration
  • Reaction of primary and secondary financial markets
  • Mortgage originator licensing requirements and new broker "standards"
  • FTC enforcement of advertising violations
  • Banking agencies pending and potential rulemaking, i.e., unfair and deceptive, amendments to TILA
  • Issues related to workouts and foreclosures for lenders and the secondary market

Moderators: Robert Smith II, Venable LLP, Suzanne Garwood, Venable LLP

II. Industry Consolidation:

Recognize the keys to successful acquisitions, sales and mergers to avoid loss of time, opportunities, and money

  • What to look for in merger partners
  • How to attract investors and buyers
  • Options to acquire other entities
  • Important considerations for successful due diligence

Moderators: John Stroud, Lehman Bros., Jason Silverman, PwC, Ari Karen, Venable LLP, Wallace Christner, Venable LLP, David Rice, Venable LLP

III. Litigation and Enforcement Avoidance:

Avoid the web of lawsuits to entangle the industry for years after this crisis

  • Predatory lending and fair lending claims
  • State Attorneys General investigations
  • Potential class actions
  • Rising mortgage fraud concerns
  • Internal audits and quality control measures

Moderators: William Devaney, Venable LLP, Jeff Nielsen, Navigant Consulting