October 6, 2009 - 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM ET

"Top 10 Issues in Employing Foreign Workers in the U.S." for CLE at the DC Bar

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D.C. Bar Conference Center
1101 K Street NW (Metro Center)
Washington, DC 20005

Greg Ossi will participate in a panel entitled "Top 10 Issues in Employing Foreign Workers in the U.S." for CLE at the DC Bar. 

Description: From recruiting to termination and beyond, this program is designed to help lawyers spot and understand key issues surrounding the employment of foreign workers in the United States. Our experienced faculty members will help you answer these questions and more:

1) What (and when) can an employer ask an applicant about their immigration status?

2) What is E-Verify and should or must a business register for it?

3) What are the most frequently used non-immigrant visa categories?

4) When are foreign nationals subject to U.S. Export Control regulations, including the overseas employees of foreign subsidiaries?

5) What does the IRS want to know about foreign workers?

6) When is a “green card” a possibility for an employee?

7) What steps should an employer take when they receive a Social Security No-match letter?

8) What happens when there is a layoff or a company terminates a non-immigrant visa holder?

9) How can employers minimize the impact on foreign workers in a merger or acquisition?

10) When is it time for an employer to do an internal I-9 audit? What should an employer do if Immigration and Customs Enforcement shows up at one of their worksites?