March 18, 2010 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Here Today -- Gone Tomorrow: Making your fidelity bond and D&O Insurance stick in troubled times Webinar

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Program Description

Banks carry financial institutions bond and most banks provide directors and management with director's and officer's insurance coverage. With the current stress on financial institutions, bonds and D&O insurance are attracting more and more attention from boards of directors, senior management and counsel. A closer assessment of coverages and costs is required. At the same time, the insurance industry is shifting its view of the financial institution industry and responding with changed coverages and increased premiums. This webinar will show directors, management and counsel how to analyze coverages and to get the most out of the insurance relationship.


Specific content learning objectives:

  • The status of the fidelity bond and D&O insurance market
  •  What are the key coverages that warrant your attention? What should I consider in making a claim?
  • What impact does a "troubled institution" designation have on coverage?
  • How do I protect my officers and directors?

By attending this webinar, you will leave knowing:

  • What to expect from the insurance industry when I seek to renew my financial institutions bond or D&O coverage
  • How to assess my existing coverages in a changing environment
  • What to consider when making a claim

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