October 04 - 05, 2010

Kevin Shepherd speaks at IBA Annual Conference

This event has already occurred.
Kevin Shepherd gave two presentations at the International Bar Association annual conference on Gatekeeper-related matters.  The first program, which occurred on October 4, discussed the lawyers’ role in the fight against money laundering.  Co-panelists included Luis Urritia Corral, President of the Financial Action Task Force based in Paris, Linda Lee, President of the Law Society of England and Wales, and Jonathan Goldsmith, Secretary General of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe.  The second program, held on October 5, dealt with the impact of anti-money laundering regulations on real estate practitioners.  Co-panelists included Stephen Revell of Freshfields in London and Claudia Seibel of IUR-REALIS Rechtsanwälte in Frankfurt.