November 17 - 19, 2011

Commercial Real Estate Defaults, Workouts, and Reorganizations (ALI-ABA)

This event has already occurred.
The Westin Casuarina
Las Vegas, NV

This course features discussion and analysis by a panel of professionals of the key issues confronting real estate professionals in today’s troubled market, including:

  • Negotiation and Documentation of a Workout: Restructuring a Defaulted Conventional Real Estate Loan and a Securitized Real Estate Loan
  • Dealing with a Failing Financial Institution and Minimizing the Risk of Becoming an Institution-Affiliated Party
  • Issues Resulting from Lenders Failing To Follow Proper Foreclosure Procedures
  • Applicable Provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, State Statutes, and Case Law
  • Tax Issues in Workouts: How To Use Them and Avoid Them
  • Using Bankruptcy To Restructure Operating Businesses
  • Workouts of Public-Private Deals or those having Government Participation
  • Bankruptcy Sales of Multiple Leasehold and Fee Properties
  • Negotiation Strategies and Their Impact on the Participants
  • Using Receivers in Workouts
  • Strategies for Use by Mezzanine and Other Subordinate Lenders
  • Sales of Notes Secured by Real Estate

Registration and more information is available on the ALI-ABA website.