March 21, 2012 - 9:00 AM ET

"A Deep Dive into Food and Beverage Claim Substantiation," American Conference Institute’s Food & Beverage Marketing & Advertising Conference

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The Westin
Washington, DC

Claudia Lewis, Co-Chair of the Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics and Functional Foods Group, will present "A Deep Dive into Food and Beverage Claim Substantiation: A Practical Guide to Meeting FDA and FTC Requirements and Ensuring Sufficient Scientific Evidence for Health, Structure/Function and Nutrient/Content Claims."

By popular request, this intense working group session will provide attendees with a deep dive exploration of how to meet FDA and FTC requirements for sufficient substantiation when structuring health, structure/function and nutrient/content claims. Take note as you are guided through a step-by-step examination of these problematic claims as you are provided with best practices and practical strategies for ensuring your team is collecting sufficient evidence to substantiate advertised health claims.

This session has been designed to facilitate discussion and engage the participants in a real-life dissection of challenges commonly encountered when deciding on whether or not to use a specific health claim. Attendees will examine health claims while also gaining insights into how to develop a workable procedure for gathering sufficient evidence to substantiate a health claim. Topics of discussion will include:

Understanding what the FTC requires and looks for as adequate substantiation for various types of product claims for food and beverage products

  • Discussing substantiation standards and the scientific evidence required for various types of product claims
    − health claims – qualified, emerging evidence, statement of fact
    − structure/function claims
    − nutrient/content claims
    − special cases – disease and immunity claims, whole grains/other
  • Dissecting the key components of the most commonly made claims
  • Addressing implied claims
    − knowing when and how an implied claim is being made – requirements for substantiation
    − addressing net impression and reasonable interpretation – how is this defined by FTC
    − common problem areas
  • How to use and reference new and emerging ingredients and flavors in product marketing and advertising without raising red flags to the Government – herbs, cocoa, honey, dairy

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