October 07, 2013 - 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Association-Sponsored Market Research Programs: Common Pitfalls, Antitrust Risks, and Opportunities

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Association-Sponsored Market Research Programs



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Associations face the difficult task of providing worthwhile benefits to the entirety of their membership. In addition to providing education, training and certification and accreditation programs, hosting conferences and trade shows, facilitating networking opportunities, leading lobbying efforts, and engaging in other public policy endeavors, members often look to their industry or professional association for the most current market data to help keep their companies or themselves competitive. Associations can provide a valuable member benefit by sponsoring their own market reports based on actual information provided by their members. These reports can be tailored to fit the needs of members and can provide additional information and accuracy beyond what is provided by industry consultants and publicly available data.

As beneficial as this data is for association members, association leaders must be aware of the potential antitrust issues and risks associated with information exchanges, and know what practices to follow to avoid potential government or private scrutiny. With this knowledge, associations can become the leading source of information on their industry while providing a valuable member benefit that improves the overall health of their industry or profession.

Whether your association currently conducts industry surveys or is considering adding this benefit, join our panel of association antitrust counsel and industry consultants to discuss the following (among other related topics):

  1. What are the antitrust laws and what do they mean for association-sponsored information exchanges and surveys? What are the best practices for conducting such activities?
  2. How can associations mitigate the liability risks that association-led market research programs pose?
  3. What are some ways that associations can increase the benefits that members get from market research programs while limiting antitrust risks?
  4. How do associations start information exchange programs from scratch?
  5. Can a market research program create a non-dues revenue stream for an association?

Michael Hayes, Director Survey Research, Veris Consulting, Inc.
Ian Santo-Domingo, Director Survey Research, Veris Consulting, Inc.
Andrew Bigart, Esq., Associate, Venable LLP

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