July 28, 2014 - ET

"Setting the Record Straight on Mobile Location Data & Privacy: What You Should Know" for the Interactive Advertising Bureau

This event has already occurred.

Mike Signorelli joined a webinar hosted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau to discuss mobile location data and privacy. Mobile location data is being hailed as the long awaited “holy grail” for marketers. This data has been used by publishers, advertisers and marketers as a way to provide consumers with hyper-relevant, context-specific content, messaging and offers. But as excitement for location data grows, so does uncertainty about the best way to integrate this valuable signal while providing transparency and respecting consumers.

At the event, the IAB, in conjunction with the DAA and Venable, uncovered the past, present and future of Mobile Location Data and Privacy. Attendees learned more about existing industry self-regulation guidelines, legal standards and trending topics on the Hill. We heard from Mike Zaneis, EVP & General Counsel at IAB, Lou Mastria, Executive Director of the DAA, and Michael Signorelli, Attorney at Venable LLP as they helped the audience better understand the issue and its implications and how we can protect privacy and choice without “opting out” of location data.