October 14, 2014 - 3:00 PM ET

Legal Quick Hit: “Privacy and Data Security for Your Nonprofit: Understanding Your Client’s Legal Obligations and Minimizing Legal Risk” for the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Nonprofit Organizations Committee

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The headlines this year regarding the Heartbleed bug and the numerous credit card breaches at retail and hotel chains have again highlighted the need to take an enterprise-wide approach to cyber risk. Technology accepted as secure can be flawed or attacked. Vendors believed to be secure can inadvertently introduce vulnerabilities that intruders will exploit. The ensuing data compromises can lead to governmental investigations and lawsuits – and nonprofits are not immune.

Smart nonprofit organizations are seeking protection from both inside and outside attacks and looking for technological and financial solutions to mitigate their risks. At the same time, the federal government has released a cyber-security framework widely expected to be applied not only to critical infrastructure industries, but to the nonprofit community as well.

This Legal Quick Hit will educate nonprofit in-house counsel on how to take advantage of available resources to effectively address the risks to handling personally identifiable data and other sensitive information.

Emilio W. Cividanes, Esq., Partner and Co-Chair of the Privacy Practice, Venable LLP

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