April 14, 2015 - 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Structuring Innovative Revenue Models for Nonprofits: For-Profits, Joint Ventures, and Social Enterprises

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Structuring Innovative Revenue Models for Nonprofits: For-Profits, Joint Ventures, and Social Enterprises

Update: This event has already occurred. Please click above to listen to and view the recorded webinar, click here to view presentation materials from the event, and visit our Venable LLP Nonprofit YouTube channel to listen to and view all of our recorded webinars on nonprofit legal topics.

In this challenging fundraising environment and at a time when the work and services of nonprofit organizations are in greater demand, successful, innovative nonprofits are partnering with for-profits and creating for-profit structures to generate revenue to further their missions. The leaders of some organizations have dubbed themselves “social entrepreneurs” to describe their innovative approaches and business-like solutions to pressing problems. These entrepreneurs are utilizing both nonprofit and for-profit structures in a variety of models to more effectively fund their mission-driven work. Are you curious if your organization could generate supplemental or significant revenue through a joint-venture with a for-profit or in the creation and management of a new for-profit entity? Or, perhaps you would like to learn about the new legal structures – benefit corporations, flexible purpose corporations, and others – that you have heard about recently.

Our experienced panelists will discuss innovative for-profit revenue models available to nonprofits pursuing all types of missions. Of key importance to nonprofits when structuring these revenue-generating activities housed in for-profit structures and partnerships is to do so in a manner that will limit the nonprofit’s tax liabilities and protect its tax-exempt status. Unwary nonprofits may run afoul of federal tax prohibitions on commerciality and private benefit, which may jeopardize their tax-exempt status or result in liability for unrelated business income taxes.

In this timely and practical seminar, panelists will share their experiences from real-life case studies and discuss innovative developments in the field. Attendees from nonprofits at any stage of the lifecycle, from startup to sophisticated organizations, are encouraged to attend and share their questions and experiences.

Carrie Garber Siegrist, Esq., Associate, Venable LLP
Andrew Schulz, Esq., General Counsel, Arabella Advisors

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