April 04, 2016 - ET

In the Zone: Updates on Mandatory Inclusionary Housing in NYC

This event has already occurred.
Venable, New York Office
Rockefeller Center 1270 Avenue of the Americas Twenty-Fourth Floor
New York, NY 10020

Update: This event has already occurred. Please click here to listen to the audio recordingClick here for a copy of the presentation materials.

Susan Golden moderated a panel discussion and Daniel Bernstein presented on "In the Zone: Updates on Mandatory Inclusionary Housing in NYC" on April 4, 2016. Panelists included: Anita Laremont, NYC Department of City Planning General Counsel and Spencer Orkus, Development Director, L+M Development Partners.

Discussion topic included:

  • Program topics will also include:
  • The effective date of MIH and ZQA and the types of projects that are or are likely to be subject to their requirements
  • Affordability options under MIH
  • The option of placing MIH affordable units on-site or off-site
  • Design and construction requirements under MIH and ZQA
  • Exceptions and possible waivers to MIH requirements
  • Property tax considerations, particularly in the absence (for now) of the 421-a property tax exemption
  • Alternative property tax options and subsidy programs to fund your projects
  • A survey of the potential areas that may be subject to rezoning and to MIH requirements