October 28, 2019

Southern Association of Independent Schools 2019 Annual Conference

The Hiring Process From Job Posting to Job Offer

This event has already occurred.
Crowne Plaza Ravinia

Hiring decisions are some of the most important decisions a school makes. This session will review strategies and procedures to hardwire the hiring process, from start to finish, in such a way to ensure that schools are thoroughly vetting and ultimately hiring the best candidates. We will review the job application, including evolving legal guidance as to information that can and cannot be gathered on an application. We will also review the interview process and provide guidance on establishing interview questions that are meaningful, but do not run afoul of state or federal law. We will discuss strategies for ensuring that all applicants are appropriately and thoroughly vetted, that reference checks are conducted in a manner designed to gather useful information, and that the ultimate hiring decision is made with all information gathered in mind.