October 25, 2022

Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) 2022 Annual Conference

Managing Risk: Hot Legal Issues

This event has already occurred.
Franklin, TN

In October 2022, Caryn Pass and Janice Gregerson presented at the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) 2022 Annual Conference. The session, “Managing Risk: Hot Legal Issues,” covered various legal issues and risk management strategies faced by newly appointed heads of schools.

Topics included:

  • Understanding various leadership roles
  • Issues to be addressed by the board
  • The school’s role and responsibility in addressing allegations of student conduct issues (this includes framing conduct policies, investigation procedure, and overall community impact)
  • Legal issues involved in managing student and employee mental health
  • Recent changes in the law that affect independent school operations (including the interpretation and implications of federal financial assistance)
  • Legal liability and reputational risk assessment and management