November 10, 2022 - ET


Intellectual Property & Brand Protection in the Metaverse

This event has already occurred.

Please join other professionals and executives seeking to prepare for a future of immersive, interactive and engaging metaverse experiences in their industries and in commerce. We will discuss the emerging best practices of entities that are developing and leveraging intellectual property for the metaverse. We will highlight some examples of how companies and organizations can use knowledge of advertising law, copyrights, patents, and trademarks to better protect and position their brands/services for growth in the metaverse. Topics of discussion will include: 

  • Advertising and related IP considerations in the metaverse
  • Emerging best practices in brand protection, and how to prepare your brands for the metaverse and trademark litigations
  • The copyright challenges your organization must prepare for and how to respond to potential future threats
  • Patents and innovation in the metaverse: the role of design and utility patents

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