October 17, 2023


Surviving a Congressional Investigation

Tips for Before, During, and After

This event has already occurred.

Venable partners Ron Jacobs, Jim Barnette, Mary Gardner, and Mark Schamel presented the Lawline webinar “Surviving a Congressional Investigation: Tips for Before, During, and After.”

This program was designed by practitioners to take the fear out of the multi-prong attack that is a congressional investigation. The program discusses how to prepare your client for dealing with the invasive nature of an investigation, while handling the public scrutiny that distinguishes a congressional investigation from a regulatory or law enforcement one. The presentation dealt with real-world practicalities and discussed the inner workings of the multi-headed congressional/DOJ, congressional/regulatory agency, and congressional/state investigation monsters; how to identify the different inflection points; and how to bring your client out on the other side with their business, freedom, and reputation intact.

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