January 24, 2024 - 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET


Child and Teen Privacy: What Every Company Needs to Know for 2024

This event has already occurred.

Many organizations are unaware of their potential exposure when it comes to minors’ privacy, especially under emerging new laws.

Venable Partner Julia Tama and Counsel Emma Blaser will provide a timely roundup of recent events and items to watch in the area of child and teen privacy, with a focus on practical tips.

This session is suitable for organizations that want to avoid triggering related laws, as well as those that routinely handle child and teen data and want to stay abreast of new developments.

Topics will include litigation trends, regulatory enforcement and guidance, new state laws, and ongoing legislative debates in the U.S. Congress. They will synthesize these updates into concrete steps that organizations can apply immediately to guide product development and other processes.

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Julia Tama, Partner
Emma Blaser, Counsel