April 15, 2024 - 3:00 PM


Managing Risk for Nonprofit Meetings and Events in 2024

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Venable counsel Andrew Steinberg will present “Managing Risk for Nonprofit Meetings and Events in 2024” for the Association of Corporate Counsel Nonprofit Organizations Network on April 15. Venable is the 2024 sponsor of the ACC Nonprofit Law Network.

Nonprofits host a wide array of meetings, conferences, trade shows, galas, and other events. As in-house nonprofit counsel know well, these meetings present multidisciplinary legal issues in their planning and execution, whether the event is large or small, or held virtually or in person. This panel will offer “must have” strategies and best practices acquired through real-world examples to protect nonprofit organizations in a post-pandemic world.

The contracting process and provisions to incorporate into your contracts with venues, caterers, transportation providers, event production companies, and other key vendors, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees, to manage financial commitments and mitigate potential cancellation or underperformance damages, include

  • Negotiating force majeure clauses and managing postponement or cancellation issues
  • Managing risk by procuring insurance tailored to the event operations, including having alcohol and/or minors at your event
  • Creating and maintaining policies for the safety and welfare of participants, staff, and vendors, such as an attendee code of conduct, health protocols, recreational activity waivers, and avoiding registration and housing scam solicitations
  • Intellectual property, defamation, and related considerations when promoting the event, developing content for it, and recording or broadcasting sessions, and when dealing with speakers, presenters, and attendees

Join us to review and discuss top practical tips that you can bring into your nonprofit’s next meeting planning season.

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