April 1999

Health Care E-lert - Why Venable for Y2K, 4/23/99

2 min

Most hospitals have been working for some time to ensure that their computer systems and medical devices and equipment are Year 2000 ready. However, have you done enough? In the Year 2000, hospitals will be judged by whether they have exercised reasonable care in ensuring that patient care will not be disrupted. An independent assessment would be helpful in determining the adequacy of your efforts to date. This would include a review of remediation efforts, supplier verification of Year 2000 status, adequacy of the documentation demonstrating these efforts, and how well the hospital is protected by contractual arrangements with its suppliers. Such a review can assess your potential liability and identify areas where more effort is required or where back-up procedures are required in case of failure.

Venable's Healthcare Group has integrated the firm's extensive Year 2000 expertise with lawyers who are well versed in every respect of healthcare. This team can help you in assessing your Year 2000 preparations and your potential liability, including related litigation. Venable's Year 2000 experience grows out of our nationwide representation of one of the largest computer manufacturers addressing every facet of the Year 2000 problem, including Year 2000 policies, potential liability, and defensive litigation strategy. Our attorneys have been involved in helping draft major federal Year 2000 legislation, thus providing us insight into the various theories of possible defense, as well as the risks of recovery. Finally, we offer a unique combination of legal and technical expertise. Venable has two individuals with Ph.D.'s in Electrical Engineering, one of whom is also a lawyer, and various other lawyers that hold Masters degrees in engineering. Significantly, their experience encompasses real hands-on design and performance problems, not just theoretical analyses. The result is an integrated team able to provide Year 2000 advice and representation based on years of experience in the healthcare field combined with focused knowledge of the many faceted Year 2000 problem.

Please contact Connie Baker (410-244-7535, chbaker@venable.com) or John Pavlick (202-962-4894, jpavlick@venable.com) for additional information. Venable has offices in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.