January 10, 2006 | Northern Virginia Technology Council B2G Committee Legal Updates

DoD Beginning Transformation of DFARS

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According to the Federal Register, "DFARS [Defense Federal Acquisition Supplement] Transformation is a major DoD initiative to dramatically change the purpose and content of the DFARS."  Toward the end of 2005, DoD issued several final rules that implemented some of these anticipated changes. 

One such change is the deletion of "obsolete procedures for screening of Government inventory before authorizing a contractor to purchase information technology equipment," according to the November 9, 2005 Federal Register.  The Federal Register goes on to state that, as a result of the change, "DoD now manages information technology equipment in the same manner as other Government property, in accordance with FAR [Federal Acquisition Regulation] Part 45 and DFARS Part 245." 

Another change appearing in the November 9, 2005 Federal Register: updates to the "text pertaining to the acquisition of telecommunications services."  In addition to revising terminology to make it more consistent with terms used elsewhere in the DFARS, the final rule adds text at DFARS 239.7405 "addressing DoD’s authority to enter into contracts for telecommunications services."

Both changes were accompanied by background information that explained that "[t]he objective [of the DFARS Transformation] is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the acquisition process, while allowing the acquisition workforce the flexibility to innovate." 

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