January 2009 | Dealer Magazine, Vol. 16, No. 1

Dealers Beware: The Employee Free Choice Act and the RESPECT Act

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Aaron Jacoby, Michael Volpe, and Shaffin Datoo authored an article entitled "Dealers Beware: The Employee Free Choice Act and the RESPECT Act" that was published in the January 2009 edition of Dealer Magazine.

The article discussed the likelihood of these labor and employment laws passing now that President-elect Obama - who expressed support for this legislation during his time in the Senate - will soon be in office and be joined by a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress.

The article outlined the impact of these pending changes (from the Employee Free Choice Act, union certification, contract negotiations, penalties and the RESPECT Act) on the auto dealership industry: "The EFCA and the RESPECT Act will dramatically change union organizing efforts and the economic balance of power between labor and management on first labor contracts, as well as the effect of those contracts on subsequent agreements."