Driving traffic to your video game, hashtagging with caution, and more in this issue of Digital Media Link

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In connection with the Digital Entertainment World (DEW) expo on February 1-2, 2017, we are pleased to present a new issue of Digital Media Link. We've prepared a series of articles of interest to users, creators, consumers, service operators, and advertisers in the digital media space.

We hope you will continue to "link" up with us in this important area, and if you are attending DEW, we hope to see you there.

Smart Ways to Drive Traffic and Revenue to Your Video Game

So you developed a new game and you're ready to take it to market? Your game deserves to be advertised in a way that matches the creativity of the game itself. There are many ways to make your advertisement entertaining and impactful to your audience, and the best ads are often no longer recognized as ads, but rather as user experience. Unfortunately, with "real" experiences, your audience may not understand that the ad is an ad, and you can be targeted for their mistake.

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Hashtag with Caution – Or You May Get #Sued

Hashtags are more popular than ever on social media sites. They frequently are used on social media as part of marketing campaigns and to simply facilitate searches. It is not uncommon for gamers and video game makers to use hashtags in their social media posts. For instance, #VR, #gamedev, and adding a # to a video game name to keep track of a post are all common uses. The popularity of hashtags raises the question: Are hashtags protectable trademarks or part of the public domain?

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Geolocation – Find Out Where You Are Before the FTC Does

Geolocation allows for targeted advertisements and provides the ability to mirror a user's real location in a virtual or augmented world. Mobile apps, advertisers, and game developers are increasingly realizing the benefits of geolocation. Users are enjoying it. Even if you are not using geolocation, your monetization partners may require you to provide that data. Here are certain fundamentals that you should pay attention to.

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Virtual Reality and You: An Update on the IP and Fundraising Landscape

The virtual reality (VR) ecosystem is one of the most widely discussed topics in today's technology circles. The rising significance of VR has led to widespread research in this area, driven by its dominant presence in the entertainment industry and a trend toward its integration into and application to manufacturing and healthcare.

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2017 Trends in Mobile Gaming

In 2017, three trends in mobile gaming should raise interesting legal issues for corporate counsel: artificial intelligence, new ways to generate revenue, and alternative realities. For a host of reasons, mobile gaming will offer interesting challenges for corporate counsel, with no one theme dominating the 2017 mobile game market.

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Digital Entertainment World

February 1-2, 2017 | Marina Del Rey Marriott, California

Venable is a DEW sponsor, and partners in the firm's digital media practice will moderate a panel discussion. Be sure to attend Nicholas DePalma's panel, "How Augmented Reality & Geolocation Are Shaping the Future of Games," on February 2 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Tamany Bentz's panel directly afterward, on "Derivative Works and User-Generated Content."