April 26, 2018 | The Antitrust Source

Starting Up a Brand New Day—Four Key Consumer Protection Issues for the Five New Commissioners

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"Starting Up a Brand new Day—Four Key Consumer Protection Issues for the Five New Commissioners" by Randy Shaheen was published in the American Bar Associations The Antitrust Source on April 26, 2018. Here is an excerpt:

For over a year the Federal Trade Commission has had only two Commissioners, Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen, who has since been nominated for a judicial position, and Commissioner Terrell McSweeny, whose term has expired but is continuing to serve pending confirmation of her replacement. After a long nomination/confirmation process it seems that we are finally on the verge of having a new Federal Trade Commission Chairman. And not just a new chairman but also, for the first time since the Commission was formed in 1914, five new FTC Commissioners appointed in the same calendar year. While transitions are always a good time to take stock and evaluate what is working well and what could work better, this is a particularly opportune time to consider changes to how the Commission approaches some important aspects of its consumer protection mission.