December 06, 2018

Advertising Law News and Analysis

2 min

The Latest Download on Children's App Issues

If you're a tech company, app developer, or a children's brand, you're probably aware of the common complaint from parents: children inadvertently spending money on in-app purchases while using children's apps, which led to expanded parental control settings several years ago. Venable's Len Gordon and Matt Renick discuss the new FTC investigations led by three senators and what they could mean for anyone gambling on gaming.

Fake Loot, Real Money

In case you're not familiar with video gaming jargon, a "loot box" is a digital container of virtual goods that a user can purchase in-game using real-world currency. In November, the Commissioners of the FTC agreed to investigate the use of these boxes, after addiction and gambling concerns as they relate to young gamers were voiced by Senator Hasson (D-NH). Click on the link below to read an analysis by Venable's Andrew Bigart, Chris Crook, and Tyler Hale of the ongoing conversation and potential regulatory issues created by "loot boxes."

Un-Belize-Able! Real Estate Scam Sparks New Standards

Last month the FTC encountered the largest alleged real estate scam to date: the Sanctuary Belize Enterprise (SBE) took in more than $100 million through its sale of property in what was supposed to become a luxury resort. Venable's Len Gordon discusses several interesting issues that could potentially delineate where the enforcement action is heading in a variety of contexts.