January 10, 2019

Advertising Law News and Analysis

2 min

The Latest Buzz on CBD

As we reported last month, CBD derived from hemp may not be "marijuana" any longer, but the laws that the FDA enforces continue to prohibit (at least, in the FDA's view) the manufacture and distribution of foods and dietary supplements containing CBD. But is significant change imminent? Venable's Todd Harrison, Todd Halpern, and Andrew Bigart think the answer is hazy. Click on the link below to read our analysis.

The FTC's New Role in The Fight Against Opioid Addiction

According to James M. Burnham, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the Department of Justice, opioid drug overdoses claimed the lives of 49,000 Americans in 2017. Consequently, various government agencies have recently affirmed their commitment to combat opioid drug abuses, as highlighted in a few of the recent statements by the DOJ, the FDA, and the FTC. In a recent post, Venable's Michael Blume delves into the FTC's latest enforcement against the fight.

Court Pans Pan Claims

The battle for stovetop domination is heated. In an advertising war between copper cookware competitors, plaintiff Emson sued its competitor Masterpan under the Lanham Act, challenging claims made for the "The Original Copper Pan" (OCP). In a recent post, Venable's Len Gordon, Elise Gabriel, and Matthew Renick discuss the risk that arises when a brand or product claims it is "As Seen On TV," and important considerations to keep in mind so as not to mislead consumers about the makeup of a product.