October 2019

Higher Education Update

2 min

Upcoming Deadline for 403(b) Plan Document Restatements

403(b) plan sponsors – including colleges and universities – are tackling the job of reconciling amended restatements of their plans with IRS pre-approved plan documents. Keeping in mind the upcoming spring deadline and the requirements for retroactive dating, Venable attorneys offer a snapshot of this governance practice and tips for complying.

Website Accessibility Claims on the Rise: A Higher Education Perspective

Higher education websites face increasing scrutiny when it comes to accessibility compliance and best practices. A marked increase in lawsuits focused on website accessibility appears to be just the beginning of an upward trend. From ADA to state laws to industry standards, staying current on accessibility issues will help to minimize the risk of legal liability.

NLRB Proposed Rule Could Have Far-Reaching Implications on Colleges and Universities

The NLRB has taken the unusual step of addressing unionizing on private college campuses via rulemaking. The proposed rule – currently in a 60-day public comment period – would mark a shift from a traditionally case-by-case approach to a blanket exemption from coverage under the National Labor Relations Act for students at private institutions of higher education.

Creating and Implementing a Lawful Policy for Pronouns on a Gender Fluid Campus

Pronoun self-identification is not new, but the social conversations and legal protections happening around a person’s right to their gender identity are increasing. Colleges and universities should be adopting policies to prevent discrimination on their campuses and to foster a culture of awareness with the nuances of gender identity protections.