November 19, 2020

Environmental and Natural Resources Post-Election Webinar

2 min

Inasmuch as the climate crisis is a central issue in the Democratic party's platform, Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election is sure to bring about a significant shift in environmental regulation and policy. In this webinar, members of our esteemed Environmental Group provide an in-depth analysis of the changes we're likely to see in a Biden administration and their implications for businesses.

The attorneys discussed the election outcome and noted that although Senate control will not be decided until the Georgia runoff races in January, many of the Biden administration's more ambitious legislative goals will likely be stymied by a divided Congress. Nonetheless, the administration change is almost certain to bring about an end to rulemakings and the litigation strategy pursued by the Trump administration and usher in changes in leadership of several key environmental committees, including the Energy and Natural Resources Committee currently led by GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski.

In addition to discussing the inherent challenges of passing any major climate change legislation with a divided Congress, the attorneys addressed the expected push from progressives to move forward with the Green New Deal. The panelists also explored the likelihood of an aggressive shift toward climate protection policies, including a push for a 100% clean energy economy, carbon pricing legislation, more funding for the EPA and other environmental agencies, and a refocus on international cooperation, including re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement. Finally, the group provided an overview of the pros and cons of implementing the Congressional Review Act, a law that gives Congress extensive power to invalidate rules established by federal agencies.

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