June 07, 2021

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This month's featured article examines which entity is the best fit for your particular new enterprise and provides additional recommendations on issues to consider when entering the U.S. market.

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Choice of Entity Basics and Other Suggestions for Your New U.S. Business

Whether one owns a seasoned U.S. business or a foreign business seeking to do business in the United States for the first time, often there is confusion regarding the types of available corporate entities and which is the best fit for your particular new enterprise. Often, U.S. persons select a limited liability company (LLC) and foreign persons select a corporation without considering the other options or understanding why. This article identifies seven of the most typical U.S. entities, including the LLC and the corporation, and provides some explanation about each. It spends a bit more time comparing the LLC and the corporation. As an aid to foreign entities that may be unfamiliar with the U.S. system, it provides additional recommendations on issues to consider as one enters the U.S. market.

Venable's Corporate Group Deal Highlights

Venable represented a private capital company in an investment of a mid-Atlantic food ingredients business. The terms of the acquisition remain confidential.

Venable's corporate team included Frank Ciatto, James DePaoli, and Stephanie Molyneaux. Claudia Lewis and Alexander Rubel advised on FDA matters. Stephanie Loughlin advised on tax matters. John Wilhelm advised on employment benefits matters. Wes Sudduth advised on international trade matters.

Upcoming Event

2021 Baltimore Smart Business Dealmakers Conference

June 9, 2021 | Virtual Conference

After a brief slowdown, M&A activity is rocking at pre-COVID levels. Many deal dynamics are changing, including valuation approaches, due diligence requirements, financing options, and time to close. This virtual event will bring together middle-market entrepreneurs, investors, and advisers to discuss the new landscape for business and what you can do today to keep your business growing. In addition to a wide range of panel discussions, the event will use a unique platform that allows one-to-one video networking among attendees.

Venable is excited to provide complementary tickets to the conference to subscribers of this newsletter by clicking the link below. You can also visit here to learn more about the event, view the agenda, and see the 2021 panelists.

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New Arrivals

Venable LLP is pleased to announce that Yan (Julian) Zou has joined the firm as a partner in the Corporate Practice in the San Francisco office. Mr. Zou focuses his practice on corporate, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, foreign direct investment (inbound into and outbound from China), banking and finance, real estate, and other commercial matters.

Mr. Zou has exceptional experience advising multinational corporations on market entry from China to the United States and local operations in the United States, once established. He regularly structures transactions based on clients' commercial needs in compliance with various regulatory authorities. He also has experience in private equity and venture investments, representing investors as well as portfolio companies.

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