July 26, 2021

Land Use and Zoning in VA and DC

2 min

Success Stories

Approval of redevelopment of an aging office building in Crystal City, VA, with an updated open space and pavilion

Approval of redesign of two approved office towers in Rosslyn, VA

Approval of a duplex in Ballston-Virginia Square, VA

Local Updates

Fairfax County

Developers and property owners in McLean will have the opportunity for significantly increased density. The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the McLean CBC Study Plan, which will increase density within the McLean Community Business Center (CBC) by over 3 million sf of additional commercial density and over 3,000 additional residential units. The Board also recommends that staff prioritize a transportation study, with public outreach, and create district specific urban design guidelines.

City of Fairfax – Kamp Washington Plan Update

Kamp Washington has the potential to become a thriving mixed-use location with opportunities for additional open space and improved pedestrian and cyclist connectivity both within the study area and to the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Review of the plan is continuing, and it is tentatively scheduled for summer 2022.

City of Alexandria – Arlandria-Chirilagua Plan Update

The neighborhood plan for Arlandria-Chirilagua continues to be reviewed. Developers and interested parties should review and provide feedback to the City for staff consideration as it updates the neighborhood plan.

District of Columbia

The District's updated Comprehensive Plan will be fully effective upon conclusion of a 30-day congressional review period. The District Office of Planning is also continuing work on a series of Small Area Plans in the Chevy Chase, Pennsylvania Avenue SE, and Congress Heights neighborhoods. Public engagement events and outreach for these Small Area Plans will take place throughout the summer.