September 22, 2021 | Net Assets Magazine

Risk & Compliance: Flexible Work Arrangements in a Post-COVID Environment

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Net Assets published Grace Lee’s article, “Risk & Compliance: Flexible Work Arrangements in a Post-COVID Environment,” in their July/August issue. Below is an excerpt:

In response to shutdowns and general safety precautions, last spring most schools shifted quickly to working in a virtual environment. Everyone learned just how much they could accomplish from home. With the availability of vaccines and lifted restrictions, independent schools have largely returned to in-person operations. Some employees, however, may request to continue remote or flexible work arrangements for various reasons.

While not ideal for most positions, telework, hybrid, or flexible work arrangements may be beneficial as recruitment or retention tools in some situations, and temporary telework might be a reasonable accommodation or allow an employee in quarantine to continue performing job duties. Before implementing more permanent telework arrangements, schools should consider the following potential legal issues.