December 20, 2021

The New Normal: COVID-19 Digest

2 min

Our attorneys and professionals have been analyzing pandemic developments that may impact your business. Explore their insights.


New York City to Require Vaccines for Private Employers by December 27

As private employers in New York City prepare for a first-of-its-kind vaccine mandate, many questions remain: Will the vaccine mandate apply to businesses of all sizes? Will it allow for the typical legally recognized exemptions? Will there be penalties for non-compliance?

Fast Times in Federal Courts: Will the Vaccine Mandates Stay, or Will They Go?

Over the last two months, three arms of the federal government have issued guidance mandating COVID-19 vaccines for various groups of employees. Unsurprisingly, each of these mandates has been challenged in court. The status of these mandates will change rapidly, but for now, here is the status of the three federal COVID-19 vaccination mandates as of the time of this alert.

As Employers Race to Fill Gaps in the Labor Market, Pay Practices Are Likely to Come Under Scrutiny

Many companies that were forced to downsize their workforces in response to COVID-19 are now struggling to fill the vacancies in their labor forces as the economy recovers. In the midst of such a chaotic labor market, the risk to employers of class action litigation under the Equal Pay Act, Title VII, and state equal pay laws has increased significantly.

'Tis the Season—to Update Your Shipping Representations

COVID-19's impact on global supply chains has retailers facing many challenges in their business operations this holiday season. They may also face challenges in maintaining regulatory compliance relating to shipping—especially retailers selling goods online, by phone, or by mail, who must be mindful of both federal and state regulations.