September 08, 2022

Advertising Law News and Analysis

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FTC Debunks Claim That Trunk Bunk Pads Were Made in the USA

On August 30, the Federal Trade Commission announced a complaint and proposed order for Ohio-based Electrowarmth Products, LLC and its owner, alleging they improperly claimed that their heated fabric truck bunk mattress pads were made in the United States, when in fact, the textile products have been wholly imported from China since 2019.

Rental Review Roundup: FTC Targets Deceptive “Testi-phony-al” Scheme to Lure Renters to Paid Housing Platform

The Federal Trade Commission and six states recently sued rental listing platform Roomster, Corp. along with its owners for allegedly charging consumers for access to phony listings bolstered by fake reviews it had purchased. The agency also announced a separate settlement with the operator of AppWinn, which is an online review vendor that churned and posted thousands of 4- and 5-star fake reviews about Roomster’s platform.

FTC Action Against Credit Karma Underscores That Conversion Cannot Trump Compliance

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent action against Credit Karma serves as a reminder to advertisers that optimizing consumer conversion is not—and cannot be—the be-all and end-all. Regardless of what split or A/B testing results show, claims must be truthful, substantiated, and not misleading.

Lawsuit Targets Technical Requirements in California's Autorenewal Law

Autorenewal programs remain in the crosshairs for private class action plaintiffs, as evidenced by another lawsuit filed in California targeting numerous technical requirements in the state's automatic renewal law.

Branding the Future: Advertising Law, the Metaverse, and NFTs

In Part 1 of our two-part series about advertising in the metaverse, we summarize its history, discuss its broad implications, and analyze the attention regulators are giving to false advertising in this area. In Part 2, we look at some of the legal issues that may come up for companies working on sweepstakes, endorsements, and intellectual property in the metaverse.

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