February 23, 2023

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FTC to Employers: No More Non-Compete Agreements

Currently, an estimated 30 million workers in the United States are covered by non-compete agreements. The latest proposal from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seeks to alter this element of the employment landscape in one sweeping, unprecedented move. On January 5, 2023, the FTC proposed a new rule that, if enacted, would amount to a nearly complete nationwide ban on employers' use of non-compete agreements.

What Is Reasonable? Handling Employee Requests for an Extended Leave of Absence

Assessing extended leave requests can be one of the most difficult and challenging issues employers face. While many employers are sympathetic to an employee's challenging health issues, a desire to help employees must be tempered with the practical reality of running a business. When looking at a leave request that seems to go on and on, employers need to be aware of the various legal requirements for paid leave and unpaid leave, and the potential requirement to extend leave as a disability-related accommodation.

Education Roundup: Vetting Candidates: Creating a Hiring Process That Prioritizes Student Safety

Student safety and security is of paramount importance in independent schools. While the goal of a hiring process is primarily to find the best candidate for the position, it is imperative that schools craft policies and develop processes that prioritize safety as a most fundamental obligation.

Attorney Spotlight

Samantha FurmanSamantha Furman: "I was drawn to the labor and employment practice because it is an all-encompassing area of law that affects real people dealing with prevalent issues in the workplace. This multifaceted field covers a myriad of challenges that arise between business owners, managers and employees, including employment contract disputes, sexual misconduct allegations and wage and hour claims, to name a few. The diversity of work, both pre- and post-litigation, is engaging and keeps me on my toes. As a labor and employment attorney, I enjoy helping my clients overcome obstacles and navigate the ever-changing legal landscape that impacts their daily business operations."

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