More Businesses in Florida Are Using AI Technologies—Why?

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On March 7, 2023, Frank Gasparo, Daniel Kaltman, and Heather West published “More Businesses in Florida Are Using AI Technologies—Why?” in the Daily Business Review. The following is an excerpt:

Florida is quickly becoming a hub for innovative forms of technology, with many companies setting up shop in the state to take advantage of its strong emerging technology infrastructure. One such technology that has attracted recent attention is artificial intelligence (AI), a technique that synthesizes and infers information—sometimes looking like magic, despite its computational and logical roots. While companies have been working to incorporate AI into their businesses for years, the boom in interest around OpenAI’s ChatGPT has led to increased attention. From using AI to tackle agricultural and environmental problems to predicting the next COVID variant, Florida is home to many companies using AI technology to uncover important connections within massive data sets in order to increase efficiency and user satisfaction. Some examples of Florida companies incorporating AI into their businesses are UF Health, which is researching patient data and AI programming to assist physician decision-making and potentially improve patients’ environment, and Shutterstock, which has partnered with OpenAI to offer AI-generated stock imagery. Even Florida police officers in Broward County and Pinellas County are using an advanced AI algorithm and facial recognition software, called Clearview, to identify suspects far more quickly than conventional methods.

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