March 28, 2024

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CRD's New Pay Data Reporting Requirements

California law requires private employers of 100 or more employees or remote workers hired through labor contractors to annually report pay, demographic, and other workplace data to California's Civil Rights Department (CRD). On February 1, 2024, the CRD issued guidance to assist employers in complying with their reporting obligations. The deadline to submit the required reports is May 8, 2024. The new guidance largely maintains the 2022 pay reporting requirements, with a few material changes. This article provides a synthesis of the new CRD FAQs, focusing primarily on the substantive changes from previous reporting requirements.

"Good Talk"—Strategic Legal Communications for Employers in the Wake of a Crisis

In the wake of any crisis, stress and tensions run high. As a result, employers may be inclined to communicate prematurely, over- or under-communicate, or otherwise communicate without thinking about the potential legal repercussions that could follow (for example, regulatory scrutiny, shareholder lawsuits, employee lawsuits, etc.). To avoid a misstep that might compound a crisis, it is advisable to consider, in advance, the process for delivering—and the content of—any communications, and to act strategically rather than reactively.

Good Governance and the Role of an Independent School Trustee

Ensuring that an independent school’s board of trustees operates in a manner that is consistent with the fundamental principles of good governance is essential to the overall health of the school. After all, the board is the guardian of the school’s mission. For the board as a whole to be able to perform its functions, it is essential that each trustee also understand the scope and nature of their role and their obligations to the institution.

Attorney Spotlight

Desiree MooreDesirée Moore: As a young lawyer, I worked closely with a labor and employment litigator who gave me a lot of responsibility and exposure to great employment-related cases. As my practice developed—and as I built out the crisis management practice at my prior firm—labor and employment became a key pillar in my portfolio of work. I have gravitated specifically toward employment crises across industries, including key person disgrace events (for corporate clients), coach misconduct (for sports clients), personnel and student matters (for higher education clients), and the day-to-day management of employees acting irresponsibly (or worse!) on digital platforms. I am adept at finding a light at the end of the tunnel when the client can’t always see it on their own. There isn’t a crisis we can’t recover from if we manage it prudently, thoughtfully, and strategically.

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