Meghana Chigurupati

Privacy Program and Policy Analyst
Meghana Chigurupati

Meghana Chigurupati works with clients on a wide range of data privacy and security issues to help clients maximize their business potential and minimize risks with user data. Meghana brings a background in data privacy and analytics to Venable. She has experience creating data visualizations, implementing regression models, crafting guidance, and developing privacy guidelines regarding location, LLM, and ML data for collection, storage, and use for internal and external matters. She has worked closely with engineering teams, product counsel, and project managers to provide recommendations to increase user and internal company privacy.

Prior to joining the firm, she worked as a data privacy analyst for a ride-hailing app, where she conducted privacy impact assessments, developed company-wide privacy guidelines, and gained subject-matter expertise with many products across the company. Meghana also developed dashboards using SQL to automate and quantify program metrics and collaborated with privacy counsel and engineering teams to help ensure that app features met various compliance requirements, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). She has conducted competitive analysis research into industry practices and norms in privacy features to inform clients on best practices. Meghana is a strong advocate for strong user-facing privacy features that provide users with control over and insight into a company’s use of the users’ data. She has also worked closely with project managers to develop Privacy by Design training to help in implementing privacy early on in the product development cycle.

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  • B.S. Statistics University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2021
    • Minor: Economics
    • Certification: Data Science and Developmental Economics