Healthcare: Commercial Contracting

Our healthcare industry and corporate teams draw on years of knowledge and experience as outside and in-house counsel to assist clients in developing, negotiating, and executing on arrangements between them and their vendors or customers while avoiding or mitigating regulatory risk.

Because the day-to-day business of healthcare is highly regulated, what can otherwise be simple business arrangements with vendors and customers in other industries take on very different risks and challenges when they involve healthcare-industry stakeholders. Often these arrangements require an analysis of how they might implicate federal and state fraud and abuse laws—such as anti-kickback and self-referral prohibitions or prohibitions against the corporate practice of a profession or fee-splitting—or analyses to ensure planned payments are properly reimbursable under existing regulations or payor requirements. This is where we come in.

We also have deep intellectual property and technology knowledge to help guide in healthcare deals where technology and/or data are central to the transaction.