Electronics, Computers, and Software

We know that your business deals with electronics or computers and not the practice of law. So we appreciate that you need counsel that not only understands the technology and legal matters at hand, but also their impact on your company and its business goals. At Venable, we make it our business to learn your business so that we can provide informed and efficient legal counsel that meets your needs.

Our experience here is as diverse as the field itself: we've handled matters involving digital cameras, relational database management systems, video games, computer network routing, medical imaging, wireless and land-line telephony, semiconductors, global positioning systems, and interactive CD-ROMS, just to name a few. Our lawyers who practice in this area hold bachelors and advanced degrees in electrical engineering or computer science, and typically have several years of industry experience. Given the breadth and depth of our expertise, there is simply no matter that is too complicated for us to handle.

We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Litigation, including trial and appeal, in District Courts, the ITC, and Courts of Appeal
  • Alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation
  • Prosecution of patents before the U.S. Patent Office, including interferences and post-grant proceedings
  • Managing prosecution of foreign patents
  • Licensing transactions & negotiations
  • Patent portfolio development and management
  • IP enforcement strategies
  • IP risk assessment
  • Freedom to operate and patentability opinions

We provide zealous yet cost-effective representation; we focus on you and your goals and hold them paramount in every decision.