Real Estate Joint Ventures and Investment Structuring

Our extensive experience representing both sponsors and investors allows us to provide sophisticated business and legal guidance throughout the life cycle of a real estate transaction, from negotiating key agreements and raising equity to final exit and redeployment of capital.

Venable's Real Estate lawyers provide counsel on all aspects of real estate investment transactions, including joint ventures, private offerings, tax and corporate structuring, and third-party financing. Through our representation of project sponsors, institutional investors, corporations, and high-net-worth individuals, we have extensive experience drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, and strategically integrating tax planning into overall structuring. We work closely with the firm's Tax Group to implement tax-efficient ownership structures that address our clients' operating needs, business objectives, and financing and funding requirements.

Employing our sophisticated knowledge of financial provisions—including internal rates of return (IRRs), promotes, claw-backs, and other key business terms—we frequently represent investors as the "money" partner and developers as the "operating" partner. In addition to our extensive project scope across the United States, we provide counsel to non-U.S. investors regarding inbound real property investments, and to U.S. clients engaging in outbound real estate investments.

Mindful of our clients' interests, Venable's Real Estate lawyers perform extensive due diligence at the outset of a transaction, carefully reviewing the business terms of the investment, all elements of the real estate involved in the transaction, and the steps anticipated by the company's business plan. We also assist in transaction maintenance, monitoring and advising on monetary events during the investment's life cycle. With a strong track record of deal execution and closure, as well as the ability to think ahead and anticipate potential issues, clients rely on the Venable team to provide innovative ways to structure all of their investment transactions.