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During the second half of 2011, there was a great deal of federal and state legal and regulatory activity touching on credit counseling and debt services. And, with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – covers credit counseling agencies, debt settlement companies, and housing counseling providers – up and running, there are no shortage of developments on the horizon.

Below is a list of the best of the credit counseling and debt services-related legal articles and PowerPoint presentations published or delivered by our attorneys over the second half of the year. We have put together some very interesting, useful materials that should be of help to your organization as you tackle the always challenging array of legal issues facing credit counseling and debt services providers.

To read any of these articles, alerts, handouts or PowerPoint presentations, please click on the title.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Opens Whistleblower Complaint Hotline (Article)

Pitfalls for Nonprofits that Receive Federal Funds: Lessons Learned from ACORN (PowerPoint Presentation)

CFPB: November Roundup (Article)

The 10 Biggest Legal Hazards for Lead-Generation Marketers (Article)

Legal and Regulatory Myths Debunked for Credit Counseling Agencies (PowerPoint Presentation)

Supreme Court Takes Up Credit Repair Case on Arbitration (Article)

Supreme Court Takes Up Credit Repair Case on Arbitration: Implications for Credit Counseling Agencies (Article)

HUD Issues SAFE Act Final Rule: Implications for Housing Counseling Agencies and Other Nonprofit Organizations (Article) 

FinCEN Reaffirms Exclusion for Debt Management Plans (Article)

FTC Issues Mortgage Acts and Practices - Advertising Final Rule (Article)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Opens for Business: The Implications for Debt Relief Service Providers and Housing Counseling Agencies (Article)

The Future of Credit Counseling Industry State and Federal Regulation: A New Uniform Debt-Management Services Act, Other State Laws, and Federal Regulation (PowerPoint Presentation)

Nonprofit Salary Trends and Executive Compensation Issues  (PowerPoint Presentation)

A Collection of Venable's Credit Counseling and Debt Services Legal Articles and Presentations from the First Half of 2011 (Article)

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