November 24, 2004

14 Venable attorneys named “Top Lawyer” by Washingtonian

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14 Venable attorneys have been nameda "Top Lawyer"in the December 2004 edition ofWashingtonian. The Washingtoniancontacted hundreds of attorneys in each specialty and asked them who they would trust with their business. The attorneys with the most recommendations made the list.

Criminal Defense I: You’re Under Investigation
Carol Elder Bruce

Criminal Defense II: You’re Under Arrest
Gerard Treanor

Susan Edlavitch

Lawrence Katz

Estates and Probate
A. Christopher Sega

Thomas J. Kelly, Jr.
Judson Starr
Margaret Strand

Connie Bertram
Robert Wilkins

Intellectual Property
Andrew Aitken
George Pappas

Real Estate
Jan Guben
Philip Horowitz

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