Venable Client Wins First Amendment Case

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Longtime Venable client, a survey and database company, won an important victory in Indiana state court. Adopting the First Amendment arguments advanced by Venable partners Milo Cividanes, John Cooney, and Ron Jacobs, the court held that Indiana's restriction on prerecorded messages is an unconstitutional restriction on free speech, as applied to the Artificial Intelligence Calls systems FreeEats uses.

Mr. Jacobs, who heads Venable's political law practice, said "this is an important victory for FreeEats and Indiana. Using automated calls allows politicians and interest groups to reach voters in a timely and affordable way." He noted that FreeEats has a unique automated intelligence call system that allows them to ask questions in a natural voice and to record the answers based on the person's spoken response without having to push any buttons.

FreeEats was represented in the Indiana state court by Paul Jefferson of Barnes and Thornburg in Indianapolis. Jefferson has worked with the Venable team in both state and federal court in Indiana on behalf of FreeEats.