August 24, 2010

Daily Record features Ronnie Reno's new job at Public Justice Center

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Retired Venable real estate partner Ronnie Reno began his new day job on August 9, with the Public Justice Center in Baltimore, marking the first time in more than 50 years he went to work someplace other than Venable. The Daily Record reported on his first day of work in its August 23, 2010, issue.

Reno was quoted as saying, "I feel like I'm starting first grade. All that was missing was the apple for the teacher."

Reno is working on tenants-in-foreclosure issues. A recent change in federal law allows renters to stay in a foreclosed property for the balance of their lease or at least 90 days. Reno will be spreading the word to tenants and judges and ensuring renters know their rights.

Morton P. Fisher Jr., a prominent Baltimore attorney and longtime friend of Reno's, was not surprised by Reno's decision to work with the PJC, telling the Daily Record, "This is his way of ultimately giving the remainder of his career to the community, and I applaud him for it."