December 02, 2010

Stu Ingis quoted in several articles discussing new FTC proposal for "do not track" mechanism

2 min

Venable Partner Stu Ingis was quoted in several December 1 articles on the FTC's new proposal for a "do not track" mechanism that would enable web users to choose whether or not they want internet companies to collect information on their browsing habits. The articles were published in the Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times and AdvertisingAge.

The Los Angeles Times quoted Ingis as saying, "If a broad percentage of people signed on to this, it would really undercut the Internet model."

In an AdvertisingAge article, Ingis, who represents the Digital Advertising Alliance, said that the online ad industry has delivered the kind of choice the Commission has asked for, and the business community is in the best position to execute these plans. "We've built a very good framework," he said of the DAA's consumer opt-out program which was recently launched.

On the broader issue of what types of data collection the new proposal would cover, Ingis said the industry program already stop marketers from collecting data once individuals choose to opt out. "We've had dialogue with them on this issue before, and we've met that goal," he said. He added, "If they want to extend the opt outs to include collecting data for purposes other than marketing, I don't know how that will work."