November 02, 2012

Las Vegas Review-Journal quotes complaint filed by Ron Jacobs on behalf of client Danny Tarkanian

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In an article on November 1, 2012, The Las Vegas Review-Journal quoted a federal election complaint Venable partner Ronald Jacobs filed on behalf of Danny Tarkanian for Congress. The complaint alleges that Tarkanian’s opponent, Steven Horsford, and a Democratic Party cohort circumvented the law in order to air an ad in the final days of their Congressional race. The "hybrid" ad predominantly promoted Horsford with just fleeting references to other Democrats.

In the formal complaint, Jacobs said "the 30-second Nevada commercial was tilted so much to Horsford to the point it did not meet the threshold for a hybrid ad that would allow the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) to pay as much as it appeared from campaign filings." He further expressed that even though the ad focused almost exclusively on Horford, "It appears that the DCCC has funded anywhere from about two-thirds to one-half of the costs to air this advertisement."

Please click here to view the full text of the complaint.