May 21, 2014

New York Times quotes Stu Ingis on web privacy

1 min

The New York Times quoted Venable partner Stu Ingis in a May 21, 2014 blog about the practice of websites tracking users’ online activity. California issued a privacy law earlier this year requiring sites to clearly disclose their privacy practices, and also released a voluntary guidance to help businesses comply with the law. But despite lawmakers’ efforts, many companies still ignore “do not track” requests.

The Digital Advertising Alliance, a major online advertising industry group, is drafting its own “do not track” technology for ad tracking purposes. Ingis, who serves as counsel to DAA, explained that “Other than for some limited exemptions, it would stop the creation of dossiers of the sites you’ve visited.” But sites would still figure out that you were shopping for a new car, for example, based on other information, so it’s not clear what exactly would be blocked.

The technology “might never come out. We’re trying to get consensus. It’s a very broad industry,” he said.